About 2018 China fastener market outlook Part Ⅰ



China fastener product cost prices rising, 2018 export fastener products enterprises will face greater competition. With the increasingly urgent demand of foreign fastener enterprises for the procurement of fastener equipment in China, the prospect of the export market of equipment enterprises is expected to usher in more room for development.

After nearly 40 years of reform and opening up, the fastener industry in China has completed the transformation from small to large with the largest output in the world and a veritable producer and exporter. Now in the transition from big to strong development period. The strengthening of large countries are the long-term and arduous task of the fastener industry, from big power to powerful nation by leaps and bounds, the current market trends deserve attention.

First, the fastener industry market analysis

As the most basic and most versatile mechanical basic parts, fastener industry plays a decisive role in the country's new strategic emerging industries, has a broad market demand and good prospects for development. At present, China's industrial and commercial registration of the production of more than 8,000 fastener enterprises, small and micro enterprises are more than the size of only more than 2,000 in 2016 more than 745 million tons of production, sales of 75 billion yuan, accounting for the world's total fastener About 40%, but our sales revenue accounted for only 1/8 of the world total fastener sales, the average unit price and Asia and the world's advanced countries, there is still a big gap. China is currently a major fastener production, but not a power. Fasteners businesses are distributed throughout the country, the coastal areas are relatively concentrated and develop rapidly; on the contrary, the central and western regions are not active enough. Therefore, the situation of weakening of the east and the west is not fundamentally changed.

Fastener enterprises are mostly due to the low degree of automation, backward technology and equipment, poor product quality, low quality, small-scale enterprises, the industry supply-side structural reforms and market demand dual challenges. High-end fasteners are also an important part of the national strategic emerging industries. Strategic emerging industries require a lot of equipment and facilities to support, can not be separated from a variety of fasteners, as a strategic emerging industries energy-saving environmental protection technology and equipment and products, network infrastructure and mobile communications equipment, bio-industry advanced medical equipment, high-end manufacturing Aerospace, space-based satellites, rail transit equipment, marine engineering equipment, smart manufacturing equipment, new energy nuclear power, reactors, wind turbines, new energy vehicles, hybrids and pure electric vehicles all require extensive use of fasteners, fasteners Performance quality will directly affect the performance and quality of these industrial products.

The level of equipment manufacturing industry is an important indicator to measure whether a country's industrial development is advanced. At present, the overall level of China's equipment manufacturing industry is relatively backward. To achieve catch-up after the event, the state put forward the strategy of implementing "Made in China 2025" and Industrial 4.0 in 2015 , Pointed out the direction for the realization of industrial upgrading in China and the development of high-end equipment manufacturing, set the tone, and provided a good opportunity for the fastener industry to develop high-performance products. At present, some high-end fasteners (mainly high-speed locomotives, aviation, aerospace and aircraft manufacturing key fasteners) in China still need to be imported. The bolts on high-end equipment in our country need to be imported by almost 100%. The main reason for the lack of self-sufficiency is that the material is stable Poor sex, the level of manufacturing technology and management techniques from the product defect-free there is a big gap between the requirements.

During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, China has many new economic growth points. The development of these large user industries undoubtedly brought tremendous business opportunities to the fastener industry. With the 2025 made in China, the "One Belt and One Road," supply-side structural reforms will surely push forward the new development opportunities for China's manufacturing industry. In recent years, the fastener industry in China basically maintained a steady and gentle growth. After the rapid growth of China's fasteners for 20 years, the market demand, production capacity, industrial group system and production factors have been relatively optimized. Market competition characteristics, resource and environment constraints, economic risks, resource allocation and macro-control methods have taken place in the trend of change. Overall, the current global economic tightening and the downward pressure on the domestic economy, the impact of lower demand for fasteners downstream, especially the low-end domestic fastener production capacity of a serious surplus, lack of high-end products, industrial restructuring is imminent. Today's economic development in our country has entered a new normal and the growth rate of fasteners is bound to shift from high-speed to medium-speed. The mode of development shifts from extensive scale to intensive intensive and quality-efficient growth. Structural adjustment shifts from incremental expansion to stock and incremental coexistence Depth adjustment; the driving force for development shifted from the traditional growth point to an innovative growth point. The new normal will bring new opportunities for fastener development in China.

More than 90% of the raw materials for producing fasteners are steel products, and the vast majority adopt the products of cold heading and cold extrusion to produce fasteners. Cold heading steel wire is the main raw material for the production of fasteners. By 2025, China fasteners to develop medium and high-end fasteners, not only can optimize the fastener industry structure, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, but also to promote the effective solution to excess steel production capacity is also of great significance. To carry out automotive high-performance fasteners, automotive engine fasteners; high-speed railway supporting fastener system, aerospace fasteners; wind power supporting bolt connection; large ultra-supercritical steam turbine supporting bolts; nuclear power and heavy gas turbine supporting fasteners ; Stainless steel fasteners, aluminum alloy fasteners; carbon fiber and other composite fasteners, lT industry micro-screws; self-locking fasteners, chemical coating fasteners, such as high strength and high reliability fasteners design Method performance requirements and experimental verification and standard discussion.

Fastener industry is currently facing industrial upgrading, will not be upgraded will be eliminated. With the de-commissioning of steel capacity and environmental protection, especially the advent of the environmental crisis, the price advantage of many fastener enterprises in Hebei, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Guangdong has weakened the labor cost advantage. The environmental protection investment has resulted in an increase in the cost of environmental protection investment. Product competition is more and more intense, profits are getting lower and lower, and the demand for transformation and upgrading is getting stronger and stronger.

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